Children's Decor / Summer 2014

Ten Friendly Fabrics for Younger Fans

Decorating children’s rooms allows plenty of scope for getting creative with colour and designs that capture the keenest imaginations. Here are ten friendly fabrics that are sure to win the hearts of younger fans:

1. Camengo’s Summer Camp fabrics (below) inspired by fresh air and freedom.
Summer Camp Camengo

2. Alhambra’s Bam Bam Collection (below) – Bunting and Polka Dots.
Alhambra Bam Bam

3. Harlequin Sum it Up fabrics (below) from the All About Me collection.
Harlequin Sum it Up

4. Jane Churchill’s Flower Fairies (below).
Jane Churchill Flower Fairies

5. Paperboy’s “Ere be Dragons” in blue (below).
'ere be dragons' fabric

6. Sanderson’s Beautiful Balloons (below).
Sanderson Beautiful Balloons

7. Alhambra’s Bam Bam Collection – Ships and Stripes (below).
Alhambra Bam Bam Ships and Stripes

8. Jane Churchill’s Thomas and Friends (below).
Jane Churchill Thomas and Friends

9. Prestigious Textiles’ Be Happy Collection (below).
Prestigious Textiles - Be Happy Collection

10. Voyage Enfant Storybook Viking Armada Small (below).
Voyage Enfant Storybook vikingsmallblue_2

Have fun checking out the options!

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