Stair Flair insights with John Looney of Signature Stairs in Killarney

The combination of complex engineering and clever design is offering homeowners endless options to develop their own choice of bespoke stairs that push the boundaries of traditional staircase design.

“We custom make a number of staircase styles, however the cantilever design is by far the most popular,” says John Looney of O’Carroll Engineering, which manufactures the Signature Stairs range at its facility in Killarney, Co Kerry.

Cantilever staircase Signature Stairs

The cantilever stairs pictured right is a perfect example of how floating, open rise steps and glass balustrade can be used to give a magnificent sense of light and space as well as luxury in a home. “This multilevel home has four short run cantilever stairs flights, each of which demanded a variation of our cantilever systems,” explains John. “All our stairs have structural certification to the strictest standards ensuring our stairs are not only aesthetically beautiful but also solid to walk on with a robust structure and finish that will last generations.”

John believes that modern staircases give homeowners a chance to make a real stamp on the interior design of their house.

“Our custom made feature stairs merge contemporary styles with old school craftsmanship to create a striking visual impact in any living space. Fabricating in steel and glass we offer our clients unique feature alternatives to traditional ‘all timber’ stairs, such as cantilever and central spine options.”

Signature Stairs has been operating for over 20 years and provides clients with a full service from site survey to installation including drawings, structural engineering and finish joinery. “We encourage architects, designers and new home builders to consider their stairs as early as possible in their project. Also, we are more than happy to discuss any unique design concepts you or your design team may have,” says John.

“The most popular stairs in our range is the Cantilever stairs, a design that we uniquely tailor to each project, the key feature of which is a floating step effect.”

The cantilever staircase below illustrates the versatility of modern staircases and how thinking about your stairs early in your plans can make a huge difference. “This Cantilever stairs has been incorporated within a timber frame build house with the same beautiful, robust finish as a concrete build,” he says.Signature Stairs cantilever_image2

“Our frameless glass guard railing to the stairwell and gallery area ensures the maximum use of light as well as opening out a space with unimpeded views.”Signature Stairs cantilever 3

Signature Stairs IRL_inca_image2_edited                 SS IRL_curved_image1_edited

Above Left: Open thread Inca style Signature Stairs with free standing glass balustrade and Guard rail with a stainless ‘sleeve’ handrail.   Above Right:  Turret Stairs with stainless steel balustrade

For more information on any of the staircase options at Signature Stairs or on frequently asked questions (FAQ) on staircase installation, you can visit its websites. “You can view our full range of staircase products, find hints on planning your stairs as well as technical information on particular styles,” says John.

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